Friday, March 20, 2015


Day one is complete and as usual there were some outstanding opening day games that took place.  A few things come to mind  to wrap up the Thursday contests.

1.  5 games were decided by one point
2.  Based on Las Vegas  odds, if you would have picked the underdogs in every game, you would    
     have had a great day by winning 11....losing 3...and 1 push
3.  Many many brackets took a big hit yesterday and the Big 12 teams were mostly responsible for
     that with Baylor, Iowa State, and Texas all going down.
4.  Notre Dame and North Carolina survived  by just getting by their # 14 seeded opponents
5.  SMU lost a heart breaker to UCLA on a 3 point goal tending call.  I am not going to get into the
     specifics of the goal tending rule, but I do know for sure that the shot in question was not close to
     having a chance to go in on its own.  At the very least, there should be a rule to place to be able
     to review that shot, especially when it comes at the end of the game.

We had some excitement, some drama, and even some controversy on day one.  What will day 2 bring us??


JarodJJones said...

I see pain ahead for my brackett

morockos227 said...

we off to a good start for day2. too bad we got a lot more teams to play today

Reggi jjbox said...

i'm in teh the tankk jusst like me bracketss. gooo cougar lions