Tuesday, March 10, 2015


SYRACUSE.........Academic fraud, booster payoffs. not enforcing the drug policy are a few things to get hit hard with sanctions by the NCAA.  Basketball coach, Jim Boeheim forfeits 108 wins, and will sit out 9 ACC games next season for either being involved or not controlling his program.  I am not going to get into the cheating at Syracuse, but the sanctions against Boeheim makes me wonder about other coaches and how they escaped the wrath of the NCAA.  NORTH CAROLINA is under investigation for their Afro-American studies program that allowed student-athletes to earn credits, and maintain a good GPA to allow them to keep eligibility without ever stepping into a classroom.  Basketball coach, Roy Williams has stated that he knew nothing about this department and his name has never been mentioned since.....makes me wonder!!!!   LSU..Back in 2001-2002 a couple of professors complained of academic fraud taking place for the benefit of LSU football players.  Players not going to class and grade changing were just a part of the claims.  LSU Chancellor conducted his own investigation which was termed to have found "minor violations"  As a result, the 2 professors were fired, later to be paid off  $110,000, and the football program lost 2 scholarships.  Did I mention that the Chancellor that orchestrated this cover up was none other than the current  NCAA President,  "Shady" Mark Emmert.  The football coach at the time was Nick Saban, who never had to answer questions or take responsibility for his program.......makes me wonder!!!!!!  Makes me wonder on how it is decided on who is accountable for their program and who is not.  I am sure the NCAA could not answer that question.

NCAA BASKETBALL.........Kentucky will win the SEC tournament.  No competition in that conference to challenge them.   TOP 10 TEAMS.....There are a few top 10 teams that we feel are overrated and would not be surprised if they do not make it to the sweet 16.  They are:  GONZAGA..MARYLAND...KANSAS...NORTHERN IOWA

JAMESIS WINSTON......Do not ask me why, but the more I see his name mentioned, the more I think that he was guilty of the alleged rape back in 2012

GOLF....Was a little surprised and disappointed that, Davis Love was named the USA Ryder Cup captain once again.  I have nothing against Love personally but would have rather seen a more personable choice like, Paul Azinger or maybe a Lanny Wadkins.   DUSTIN JOHNSON had a nice win at Doral after being away from the game for some time.  Congrats!!!    BRANDEL CHAMBLEE
(Golf Channel analyst)  needs to just go away...he offers nothing worthwhile to the game.

KEITH OLBERMANN..... Another individual that needs to just go away.   He offers nothing about anything.

As always I close with my strongest of suggestions that, NCAA , Mark Emmert, along with any of his cronies that support him should be fired.  Their lying and cheating ways have no place in college athletics



MauriceT401 said...

JAMEIS WINSTON is another college football player who bought into people telling him he's much better than he is. THe idiot went out and trademarked "Famous Jameis". Like his name is going to be used that often once he gets to the nfl.

Mitchgorz707 said...

Wouldn't have believed the Winston thing.if I didnt just look it up.Syracuse is just another reminder that not all universities play fair

Lycos_rook said...

The SEC is a cakewalk for Kentucky. They should have to play more difficult teams out of conference

Obietrice Jr said...

Yous can't expect universities and coaches to behave when the organzation who oversees them does dirty things//

UKmadingo00 said...

I couldn't believe they brought olbermann back. I heard they fired him. I guess you can't believe what you see on twitter

caddyshax20109 said...

Davis Love puts me to sleep,,,,,why would they pick him as a captain?

Mike$Wade said...

The downfall of the NCAA will begin when all of the big names who fund and support th organization yet hide behind the scenes are exposed

-uncle samoa- said...

it makes it easy 2 see how unbalanced the n c a a is when u look at punishment they gave 2 unc vs what they gave to syracuse. its all typical