Thursday, February 5, 2015


The best 2 people to answer that question is Dutch Fork High School running back, Matt Colburn, and Louisville coach, Bobby Petrino.  Colburn was named the 2014 South Carolina "Mr Football" winner and had been committed to playing for Louisville since last June.  Colburn knew that the University of Louisville was a good fit for him, not only for  football, but academically as well.  Unfortunately, Petrino had other plans as the national signing day, February 4 was approaching.  48 hours prior to the February 4 signing day, young Mr Colburn was informed  that his letter of intent to attend the university could not be accepted.  In other words, Louisville was pulling their offer and Colburn was left without any football offer.  Petrino had assistant coach, Tony Grantham contact Colburn to inform him that Louisville was reserving their offer to him for what was described as a priority  for defensive backs.  Seems strange that they did not know of this so called priority until 48 hours before the signing date.

I am sure when coaches are recruiting players and sitting in living rooms talking to the players family, they want that family to "trust" everything they are saying to them.  They want that family to "trust" that the university will take good care of their son as they leave home for the very first time.  Maybe Matt Colburn's family should have known that the word "trust" is hard to find in Bobby Petrino's vocabulary.  Petrino's past would certainly support that as being fact.  Looking back on some things about Petrino, we found.......
     Abandoned Atlanta Falcons during his only season as head coach to take the job at the University of
     Gave his mistress a job in the Arkansas Athletic Department and tried to cover it up when he crashed
     his motorcycle with her on the back of it.
     Took a job as an assistant coach at Auburn without bothering to tell his boss (Tom Coughlin) that he
     was leaving his previous job.
     Went behind his bosses backs at Louisville in an attempt to get Auburn to fire his former boss
     (Tommy Tuberville) and get himself hired in Tuberville's place.
     Quit Louisville 6 months after signing a 10 year contract
     Did not have the guts to contact Colburn himself
It is truly amazing that after a resume like this, Louisville actually hired this non trustworthy individual back.
It is too bad that Matt Colburn and his family ever met up with the likes of someone like Petrino.

As a result of the way Petrino treated Matt Colburn, Dutch Fork football coach, Tom Knotts has now banned Petrino and his staff from recruiting at his school in the future.  Maybe it is a good idea for more high school coaches to take note as Louisville coaches come calling on some of their players.
We wish Matt Colburn the very best in his future endeavors on and off the playing field.  Maybe he will end up at some program where the word "trust" truly means something.


Jasp in TX said...

It's like my dad always said, "they jipped him out of a small fortune !. Its a nice thing that the coach still has his job./life a head of him..

McCord L 188 said...

I wasn't aware colleges was able to do such a thing. Theres got to be some rules changed to stop this

Jenna_B said...

I sincerely hope that Louisville loses every game they play next year.

maddmaxx01 said...

I agree. Its dispakable