Friday, February 20, 2015


Ratings are based on team performances and Las Vegas odds on games played.

1.  KENTUCKY                         104.2
2.  DUKE                                    101.1
3.  WISCONSIN                         100.7
4.  ARIZONA                               99.8
5.  VIRGINIA                               99.6
6.  GONZAGA                             98.3
7.  VILLANOVA                         98.0
8.  UTAH                                      97.5
9.  KANSAS                                 97.1
10. WICHITA STATE                 97.0


highrollz101 said...

Too many people focus on the rankings. I go with the Power. These will help with the games leading up to the conference tourrnaments ,

WFDEACON said...

I'd like to see WF rally to get in to ur top 10. Lets get it together Deacons!

Petey XXV said...

This is what they should use to rank teams.

Ty2JoeCudd AZ said...

Arizona is standing by in that 4 position just waiting to make the leap to number 1 in the ncaa tourny

JM_boilermkr15 said...

cool stats. I tried to figure these one time and the end result had the worst teams ahead of the better teams. I gave it up after that

nemesis audir8 said...

it be nice to see how these align for tournament time. Not tooo far away now

SparTacuS10000 said...

it doesntt look like any team is real convincing except for kentucky and I didnt even know whichita state was any good