Sunday, February 1, 2015


The big day is finally here and just about everyone has their opinion as to who will win the big game.  Seattle against New England.........Seattle defense against New England offense.  Many experts have so many ways at looking that this match up, but the odds makers have this game rated as dead even.  At one point the odds on the game moved to New England being a one point favorite, but as we get closer to kickoff, the game has evened up once again.  There is no good or bad pick when it comes to an even game, so it comes down to which team someone may be rooting for, or even going against a team due to a genuine dislike of a player, a coach or the team in general.  Most responses we received as to who would win today's game favored New England, with various reasons as to why they made that pick, including one individual who felt New England would find a way  to cheat their way to victory.  Everything considered, we will now give out our pick for this years Super Bowl

SEATTLE    24           NEW ENGLAND   21

Enjoy the game, enjoys your parties, and as always, the best of luck.


Stouts&Lagers4444 said...

Superb calll on that final score. Ifthe Seahawks would stepped up the D on 1 set ofdowns and tookout that last horrific play you would have been r ight on.

Roland BRK said...

That was real close.You got my pick ((seattle 17 - new england 14)) beat. I didn't see the Seattle loss though

XLIX-Inspector said...

Soo close; yet the seahawks made your scoer prediction feel so far away with their defensive break down and atrocious play call

DamonC76195 said...

Fans in Seattle will be talking about that call at the start and end of each football season for decades,