Monday, January 12, 2015


Green Bay 26.....Dallas 21     The ongoing question will be, did Dez Bryant make a catch at the Green Bay one yard line with 4:06 remaining or by NFL rules was it not a catch.  NFL rules are so complicated these days that I wonder how we ever were able to get by without player review.  But by further review on the Bryant catch (?), The Cowboys are done for the season and New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie can take off his orange "mojo" sweater and go back to doing what he was elected  for.  It was only a week ago that Dallas fans thought the NFL game officials were the greatest in the world by missing holding calls, ignoring players coming onto the field in protest (Dez Bryant) and the  picking up of the flag on an obvious pass interference call.  Maybe Dallas is feeling a little of what Detroit was feeling after last week's game.  Is Dallas truly "Americas Team"  I have to wonder when I read most of all Twitter comments are happy that the Cowboys went down.

Okay getting back to the "catch"  Did Bryant clearly catch the ball??  MAYBE
Do I really care whether Bryant caught the ball??  NO
Cowboys got a reprieve last week and this week, their time was up. 


GwoKKo531 said...

It was a great ending to a great game. Here we go now Packers and Packers fans everywhere!

nynex_is_cool said...

I'm not a big GB fan but i'll take them over Dallas any day

Sam QBasic said...

the cowboys need to get Deion Sanders back. That's a free tip Dallas, hope you appreciate it

beersledderNo1 said...

No favortism in Dalls vs GreenBay equalls No Win for Dallas. Its tough when you donnt have the help