Wednesday, January 14, 2015


As one of the sanctions that the NCAA hit Penn State with was a 60 million dollar fine, the NCAA wanted to decide where nationally the money would be distributed.  Penn State never challenged the fine, but wanted the monies used for youth programs within the state.  As a result, the issue had gone to court and today a judge ruled that the money would be used in Pennsylvania and out of the hands "Honest " Mark Emmert of the NCAA.  Just another blow to the NCAA.

I had just written about the sanctions yesterday, so lets update once again where all the sanctions stand.

4 year ban on bowl games....Played in Pin stripe Bowl last month
Loss of number of football scholarships......Full compliment has been restored
60 million dollar fine to be controlled by the NCAA and used nationally....Monies to stay in state of Pennsylvania.

From all of the sanctions that the NCAA handed down, there is only one left.  That being the 111 wins under coach, Joe Paterno that were vacated.  We stated yesterday that since the NCAA had no jurisdiction whatsoever in the Sandusky scandal, it should only be a matter of time that those wins  will be reinstated.
Do not think for one minute that Emmert and his cronies have softened their stance and become nice guys.
Internal emails discovered within the NCAA showed proof that they had no jurisdiction but would bluff Penn State into thinking they did..  Emmert is cornered and his shady character is coming to the surface, especially now that it is known that he privately worked with, Louis Freeh on the so called "independent" investigation, that allowed the NCAA to steer the investigation exactly how they wanted.  Sounds all too familiar on how Emmert and his group operate.  Former West Virginia AD, Oliver Luck just recently accepted a job with the NCAA and he stated that it would be an honor to work along side, Mark Emmert.  If he truly believes that, then it doesn't say much about his character either.



juniper22 said...

the ncaa shouldn't refer to themselves as an organization. they are far from anything organized

Raydon010101 said...

Its cute the way the N C A A thinks they should be able to rule over everything. What's next? take over the senate and houseofreps?

JeremoW111 said...

IT would be nice if this if the 1st of MANY LOSSES for the NCAA with PennState and against other schools too

dhalicomma2.0 said...

I would put $$ on it that the ncaa will be facing more probs

TMackaroony said...

It seems like the ncaa got their hands full lately, don't it? I see more things they're doing wrong than they are right