Friday, January 16, 2015


Oregon State President and former NCAA chairman of the executive committee, Ed Ray has stated that he never read the Freeh Report.  Ray was the guy that stood side by side with NCAA president, Mark Emmert and told the media about the sanctions that Penn State was about to get hit with based on the Freeh Report.
Interesting that Ray can emphasize what the Freeh Report was all about when he never read it.  Just another example of how the NCAA bluffed Penn State into accepting sanctions that Emmert and his cronies had no power to do so.  Just recently, emails were discovered that showed that Louis Freeh was working hand in hand with Emmert  and the NCAA, when he supposedly was conducting a so called "independent" investigation.  This explains why Ed Ray did not read the Freeh Report when it came out since he already had a good idea what is was going to say.  The NCAA was guiding Freeh on how they wanted his report to
read.  Can anyone give me one reason why Emmert and all of his crony supporters should not be fired or the NCAA should not be banned altogether?????????

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NickBrasso1 said...

After all this recent newss about the ncaa, i'm beginning to wonder what they do there? Anything?