Friday, January 9, 2015


Florida State QB, Jameis Winston announced yesterday that he will pass on his final 2 years of college eligibility and enter the upcoming NFL draft.  The next question in the minds of many will be if he is ready.
This will obviously create much talk and speculation leading up to the draft, as it did last year when Johnny Manziel announced he was going pro.  We stated at that time that Manziel would not wreck the NFL as he had predicted and definitely was not ready to take the next step.  In fact, based on what we see of Manziel, I am not sure he will ever be ready.  Janeis Winston is bigger, stronger and maybe even faster than Manziel, so many might feel that his chances in making it in the NFL are much greater than that of Manziel.  Just comparing Winston to Manziel, I would agree that his chances are much better.  That being said, it still raises the question whether Winston is ready.  Our answer to that question is a simple NO.  It takes more than athletic ability to be successful in the NFL.  It takes understanding and most of all maturity.  I feel Winston has a good understanding of the game, but truly question his maturity at this time to handle the responsibility
needed to be a successful NFL QB.  We are all familiar with Winston's off the field altercations and in some cases we can state that all he needed to do was, GROW UP.  Some NFL teams will pass on Winston for that reason alone.  They do not want the Johnny Manziel like maturity problem.  To Jameis Winston, I would suggest that he stay in school for at least one more year, and demonstrate that those darker days of the past are long gone and no longer a question.  Despite 2 highly successful seasons with Winston leading the Seminoles, Florida State will actually be glad to see him leave.  The negative publicity the school has endured over the past 2 seasons, as well as constantly defending Winston's character,  has become a distraction to the program.  Maybe some NFL team can get Winston on the right track to be successful, but for now, Winston lacks what it takes.  Marcus Mariota will be a much better NFL selection come draft day.


craigmclo_111 said...

His history speaks mountains to his not being ready. His actions make people qyestion his college readiness let alone the NFL..

Ye'Ol'Finnigan said...

he got the right stats and ability but when mentality is in question the stats and ability don't matter

SPXstunts0 said...

Johny Manziel will have a party buddy. Maybe they can fly to each others cities