Sunday, January 25, 2015


One might think that watching a college basketball game on a Saturday afternoon that went into overtime and was not decided until there was 1.8 seconds remaining would be one of the best of the season to watch.  The game was West Virginia pulling out an 86-85 win over TCU.  The stars of the game were:  Paul Janssen, Mike Roberts, and Jeb Hartness.  The sad thing is that none of these guys played for either team.
I am sure you have guessed by now that this trio were the game officials  These guys accounted for almost a third of the points scored in the game.  TCU made 28 of 44 foul shot attempts, while West Virginia was 22 for 32 from the charity stripe.  Imagine 76 foul shots attempted due to 64 player fouls called in the game.
It was difficult for players to adjust to what these officials were doing as there was no consistency to what they were calling.  Ticky- tack meaningless calls were made throughout, but when a player was obviously fouled, no call was made.  Many times it looked like a player may have been fouled but when a replay was shown, there was no contact at all.  Once again when the national TV lights go on, these guys think they are on center stage.  The final score could get no closer, the drama of how the game would end could get no better, but marching to the foul line 76 times, we can do without.  All season we have rated the Big 12 basketball officials the worst, and this was one game they lived up to that type of a performance.


Nastrakas651 said...

i saw most of the 2nd half of this one. if the game wasn't so close i woulda turned it off.. it nearly put me to sleep

DC_Adam98 said...

Agreed. CBS Sports highlights called the 70+ fouls excessive even for hostile games which this one was not

TheCommish04 said...

officials needs to be a little less involved in games, specially the outcome

tekken'plyr2 said...

Im not sure if you saw any big12 games after that one but they was almost as bad. One had 61 fouls.