Monday, January 26, 2015


From time to time we throw out a few things for thought or comment from the world of sports.  The following are just a few that come to mind:

NEW ENGLAND AND THE DEFLATABLE FOOTBALLS.........Did Tom Brady know the footballs used in the first half of New England's playoff game with Indianapolis were underinflated? PROBABLY
and will the league issue any sort of punishment??  PROBABLY NOT

CLEVELAND WIDE RECEIVER JOSH GORDON.....It appears that Josh Gordon has failed another drug test.  This makes about 5 times he has failed drug tests that started back in his college days at Baylor.
Gordon will more than likely be hit with a one year suspension from the NFL and do not be surprised if the Browns cut ties with him altogether.  JOSH GORDON NEEDS PROFESSIONAL HELP

JOHNNY MANZIEL.......As we predicted, Manziel was a bust in his first NFL season.  Cleveland has to figure out what to do with him now, but first Manziel needs to mature and grow up.  PARTY ON JOHNNY

SUPER BOWL TICKETS..........With ticket prices reported to be in the $4000 and up range, I have  to wonder  who actually attends this game.  Those prices are more than a season ticket would cost, so obviously the Super Bowl is not for the true New England/Seattle fan.  I am guessing that most of the people attending this game have not been to one Seahawk or Patriot game all year.   The NFL has enough money..

MARSHAWN LYNCH.....Lynch does not like talking to the media even though it is an NFL policy that he needs to do.  Personally, I think it is a dumb policy, since most questions are a waste of time that any of us could answer without ever being involved in a game.  UNFORTUNATE BUT LIVE WITH IT.

In addition to the media rule, Lynch has been informed that if he places his hand on his crotch following a TD, the Seahawks will be assessed a 15 yard penalty on the kickoff.  There is no place for obscene gestures to be acceptable, especially on national TV.  Believe it or not, there are still kids in this country that look up to these players as their heroes and truly do not need to see that and think it is okay.

As always we welcome any comments on these or any other topics you want to discuss.


phillymoe said...

The balls were supposedly under the elements of the tires in a blustere cold

Seabass42 said...

SBowl tix are insano! I got a ticket for the game...called the couchview level

VIPGary2015 said...

The Patriots will probably get away with another scandal but without proof, who really knowsss

DuWizzlE2 said...

the NFL can keep their tickets and give me money for having to watch these 2 teams play

rhaskell_123 said...

Johnny Manziel should be job hunting in Canada or brushing up on his sports commentary right now

LevoRhaims8081 said...

yupp that sounds about right

owenrulez101 said...

IF the N F L proves foul play from the Patriots then 1 of their punishments should be to play offense with over inflated balls in the superbowl

R. Braunn said...

who would want to pay all of that money to go to the superbowl just to miss the best part of the superbowl - the commercials. Sorry Seattle and NewEngland but u just don't hold my interest

WolcottOnSports said...

How many times does it take for guys like Lynch,Manzell, and Gordon to learn? An impossible riddle to solve

fan#hashtagger said...

The closer the superbowl gets, the more I see of Marshawn Lynch, the more I think he's whackadoodle. He makes gestures and comments that make no sense