Monday, December 8, 2014


college football playoff bracket
Ohio State's name gets them 4th spot in college football playoffs

In many situations in today's world, it means a lot as to what your name may be and college football recognition is no different.    Yesterday the so called expert committee decided who the final 4 teams should be in a semi final round in determining the national champion.  To their credit they got 3 out of the 4 right, but totally missed on the final spot in giving into the"big name" of Ohio State.  Last Tuesday, this same committee had TCU rated as their # 3 team in the final 4, but some how dropped them 3 spots to # 6 in the final ratings despite winning their final game 55-3  The committee had to make room for "big name" Ohio State to take that 4th spot so TCU is the one that had to go.  No way they were going to knock out Alabama. Oregon, or Florida State even though it was Florida State who was their previous # 4 team and it was Florida State that edged out a final game win, 37-35 over Georgia Tech.  I am not suggesting that Florida State should have been dropped, but only pointing out one more reason that TCU got the short end of things.  The committee can come up with all the reasons possible as to why Ohio State is in and TCU and Baylor are out.  Experts want to talk about schedules and how TCU and Baylor needed stronger out of conference opponents  I agree that their schedules could have been more challenging, but it is not like Ohio State was setting the world on fire by playing Navy, Kent State. Cincinnati, and Virginia Tech (who they lost to).  Consider further what was the strength of their respective conferences that was just released.  The Big 5 conference  ratings for strength are:
1.   Big 12
2,   Southeast Conference
3.  PAC 12
4.  Big 10
5.  ACC
Based on these ratings, TCU and Baylor played a much tougher conference schedule than Ohio State did.
Half of that committee probably do not even know where TCU and Baylor are located or maybe even what TCU stands for.  I have said all along that if a true and knowledgeable committee was to be formed to determine the top 4 teams in the country, all the NCAA would need to do is pick 3 top odds makers out of Las Vegas.  I will guarantee they will get it right and will not care what name or reputation a team has.  I truly would trust the knowledge out of Vegas before that of Condoleezza Rice and a few others on that committee.  Apparently Vegas people do not think much of Ohio State as they have made Alabama an early 9.5 favorite over the Buckeyes.

In closing and to emphasize my point about the importance of having the "big name"  I would guarantee you that if that # 3 team last Tuesday was Notre Dame or Oklahoma instead of TCU, there is no way either of those teams would have been bumped off the final 4.  In other words.....IT'S ALL IN THE NAME


TMcgregz0 said...

who in this world picked the playoff committee? ? ? were they looking for people who are least involved with college football? ?

Nastrakas said...

BAYLOR SHOULD BE #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gouchozedd909 said...

I didn;t see much Big10 football this year but I did see the ACC and the Seminolees are no top 4 team, in spitet of their undefeatd season

MADMADDEN15 said...

I don't see much of a change from the same complaints the BCS received. Wasn't this system suposed to be better?

BKloungeGuy said...

they was hoping to not have to make a decision like this the first time around - unfortunuately for them it didn't work out that way

Rduggard50411 said...

A sportscast guy on the local news near Clemson said Condoleasya Rice was from Alabama which is an addition factor for why she was picked,.SO there isn't anybody else from Bama who actually knows football? They decided to go with the one person from Bama who don't know football? ITs all BSs

frankopolo said...

the games should be good but its exhausting seeing the same teams in there every year

KinGSlotS777 said...

A system that doesn't make sense isn't really a system. The committee and process both need reviewing

Coaljacker_10 said...

decisions go in the direction of $$ so i'm not real surprised they got it wrong. its the same as it always was

PatMo89 said...

THe only thing everyone can do now is just enjoy the games cause the system isn't going to work the way that it should