Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Sometime today or tomorrow, Wisconsin will announce the hiring of their new football coach, Paul Chryst.   Pitt cannot seem to keep coaches for a decent amount of time.  Following the firing of Dave Wannstedt after the 2010 season, the panthers had Todd Graham for one year and now Paul Chryst for the last 3 years.  Graham bolted for Arizona State after one season and now Chryst is packing it up as well.  Chryst leaving is understandable to a point  since he is from Wisconsin. played at Wisconsin and also served as an assistant coach there.  Maybe the Pitt job is not as attractive as they would like all to think.  Attendance has always been a problem of late and the only time they would have a sell out is when West Virginia or Notre Dame played in Pittsburgh.  Dave Wannstedt would have stayed forever so maybe he was not all that bad to have.
I would not be surprised to see Pitt try to get assistant head coach, Bradley away from West Virginia.  He is a commtited type person that may stay for the long term.

Another former coach who has been looking for a job is Greg Schiano.  Schiano was a hot prospect while at Rutgers but cooled down considerably with a short stay at Tampa Bay.  The Pitt job might be appealing to him until something better comes along.

Former Nebraska coach, Bo Pelini has a new job.  After posting a 67-27 record at Big 10 Conference Nebraska, Bo has accepted the head coaching job at Division 1-AA, Youngstown State.  Some might question why go to a lower level but Bo apparently is elated to get back to the Mahoning Valley.


RemeoV 62210 said...

I thought Nebraska's Pellini had a shot. But it was announced that he is out of the running for the job in Pitsburgh

highroller said...

another coach go bye-bye. any takers on who will be next?