Saturday, December 6, 2014


We had Oregon rated as our # 1 playoff team and they certainly did not disappoint us with a solid 51-13 thumping on Arizona last night.  All that remains is to see who they will play in the first round.  Our remaining teams to secure the final 3 spots are: Alabama, Florida State, and Baylor.  With wins  today, Alabama and Florida State will be locks to get 2 of the spots, but Baylor appears to be on the outside of TCU and Ohio State.  Baylor defeated TCU earlier this season but apparently that does not mean much  to the so called expert selection committee.  If the NCAA wanted to truly put together a group of experts to name the top 4 teams for this years playoffs, all they would need to do is select 3 odds makers from Las Vegas.  After all, who is in the business of needing to know the strength of teams more than  the guys who have rated teams all season??  It is just a thought that we all know will never happen.

Our favorite to win the Heisman Trophy did not lets us down either last night.  Throwing for 5 TDs and 343 yards  should no doubt get him the coveted award.  The winner !!!  MARCUS MARIOTA

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JAston17 said...

Told everybody the Ducks would go big!