Tuesday, December 30, 2014


The NFL initially suspended Detroit Lions "cheap shot" Suh for their upcoming playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys for deliberately stepping on Green Bay  QB, Aaron Rodgers ankle, not once but 2 times this past Sunday.  Suh appealed and the NFL backed down by lifting the suspension and fining him $70000 instead.  That amount of money means very little to Suh, who for sure is making a salary into the millions.  In an age when the NFL touts themselves as protecting players from injury, they have now sent a poor message.  Teammate, Dominic Raiola had just received a one game suspension for stepping on Chicago Bears lineman,. Ego Ferguson, but Suh gets a meaningless fine.  I really do not care that Detroit's game is a playoff.  Dirty play is nothing new to Suh, as he has been fined or suspended before.  Cheap shots are his specialty and I guess it will take for him to injure some opponent seriously before the NFL takes off the kid gloves.  Forget the suspension, forget the fine.........SUH SHOULD HAVE BEEN BANNED FROM FOOTBALL FOR AT LEAST A YEAR...Nice job Goodell.

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TheNoTalentFingerPointer said...

The NFL is the most inconsistent orgnization in the world. And Suh is about as talented as my dogs waste