Wednesday, December 17, 2014


West Virginia Athletic Director, Oliver Luck is leaving to take on a new position with the NCAA.  The job is described as being second-in-charge to oversee NCAA reform.   It will be interesting to see what kind of reform the NCAA will entertain and also how much power Luck will have to initiate any changes or reform.
The best thing to help in reforming the NCAA is to get rid of NCAA President, Mark Emmert and any of his cronies that support him.  If that were possible, I guarantee we would see a well organized and fair organization that we have not had in a long time.  No doubt Luck will not have that kind of power but we can always hope for a miracle.

Brief follow up:   Just saw a quote from Luck stating that it is an honor to be joining President Emmert.  If he truly feels that way, then we can forget any kind of reform.  Just a matter of time until he becomes one of them.  Another Emmert crony in the making??????


jimdaddy2r said...

Mr. Luck would need God-like powers to change the ncaa . But good "luck" to him.

Cory_MSU15 said...

I keep seeing this news scroll across my tv but I don't get the importance. They forgot to tell the who,what,when,where, and why this Luck is being brought in

sleepy moose said...

it's pretty obvious....he's bringing luck