Sunday, December 7, 2014


There were 4 teams rated last Tuesday as the teams to be part of this years college football playoffs. They were :
1.  Alabama
2.  Oregon
3.  TCU
4.  Florida State
college football playoff bracket before the committee's selection

At that time it would appear that these would be the teams to be a part of the final 4 unless an upset would occur in their remaining game.  2 teams were hoping for such an upset that it might then put them into the final 4.  Those teams were # 5 Ohio State and # 6 Baylor.  Some games were closer than others but the end result was there were no losses or upsets.  Based on those results, one might think that Tuesdays top 4 teams would remain the same.  Such was not the case as we look at the committee's final ratings and what those teams did in their final game of the regular season.

1.  Alabama .....Stayed at # 1  with a 42-13 win over Missouri
2.  Oregon........Stayed at # 2 with a 51-13 win over Arizona
3.  Florida State.......Moved up from # 4 with a 37-35 win over Georgia Tech
4.  Ohio State........Moved from # 5 into the final playoff spot  with a 59-0 win over Wisconsin
5.  Baylor..........Moved from # 6 with a 38-27 win over Kansas State
6.  TCU...........Dropped from being a final 4 team at # 3 to # 6 despite a 55-3 win over Iowa State

A few things obviously stand out.  What did TCU do to deserve losing final 4 status and dropping 3 spots despite recording a big 55-3 win??  Florida State had the closest game of anyone, but were moved up in the final 4 ratings.  How did Ohio State leap frog into the final 4 with every team in front of them winning??

To me it is quite simple.  There were several people who would use any kind of reasoning to get Ohio State into the playoffs.  Every year during the regular season, Ohio State will get any meaningful call during a game to help insure a win.  In other words there are those who will cater to their every need.  I had Ohio State rated as my # 5 team and I will stand by that.  2 very qualified Big 12 teams in Baylor and TCU were left out in the cold but I imagine that is not a big surprise when they should have had Ohio States' spot.  Things can be made a little easier when you have those catering to your best interests.  Just ask the newly formed committee.  They found a way to get the Buckeyes into the playoffs.


belgium_slugger said...

No matter who says it or what spin people want to put on it the bottom line is that playoff committee is horse sh*t

D-S-O'mally said...

since the time that they started ranking teams, i have never seen a team drop 3 places after winning a game. i seen a team get jumped and lose a 1 place after they won a game but never 3

Sideliner0505 said...

like BCS all over again....

LesDunlevy14 said...

There is no way to make things even. The BCS couldn't do it & now this playoff system got things wrong tooo

RSSOtter201 said...

the big NAMES go big places...that is the bottom line. don't let the playoff panel people tell you different. they hide behind unknown facts and unproven figures