Sunday, December 14, 2014


Did anyone feel that there was not much hype about this years Heisman Trophy award.  It almost seemed like the day was here and gone without much talk or discussion.  I had predicted or should say picked Oregon QB, Marcus Mariota to be this years winner.  So what was it about this year that appeared to take on a more quiet approach to the winner being named?  Was it that Mariota was a clear cut favorite or was it possibly that this years finalists were simply about good character and on the field achievements??  When it comes to character, all 3 finalists, Mariota, Wisconsin RB, Melvin Gordon, and Alabama WR, Amari Cooper, were more than qualified to win the coveted award.  Their outstanding performance on the field spoke for itself.  Two years ago, we had the major media hype of "Johnny Football"   We had the 16th ranked QB that year walking away with the Heisman, strongly due to a highly paid public relations campaign. If ego and arrogance were qualifications to win the Heisman, then I can understand how Johnny Manziel was able to win that year.  Last year we had the media highly involved once again, but for other reasons.   Jameis Winston deserved the Heisman last year but his outstanding play was overshadowed by his off the field activities.  We read more about his alleged rape, retail theft,  and property damage  than we did about what he did on the field.  Mariota, Gordon, and Cooper will have a bright future ahead of them.  They are the kind of players the NFL teams like to have.  With these 3, we got got no ego, no "show me the money", no arrogance, and no off the field criminal activity.  They quietly went about their business.  There is only one Heisman Trophy winner and for that we congratulate, Marcus Mariota, but on this night, there are no losers.
These 3 young men have truly shown everyone what college football should be and for that, we thank them.  

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Liam_J29 said...

I thought Gordon got robbed until I saw Mariota's stats. Mariota was impressive and well-deserving of this years Heisman