Sunday, December 28, 2014


Johnny Manziel threw a big party Friday night which may have caused him and several unnamed Cleveland Browns to be late for their scheduled Saturday practice.  There is no confirmation if suspended WR, Josh Gordon was in attendance at the party, which may have been the reason he didn't bother to show up at all on Saturday.  The Browns had to send their security personnel to Manziel's residence to get him to the teams facilities for treatment on his hamstring.  Can anyone imagine having their employer come to your house to get you to come to work??  I have only one question in regards to Manziel's party,  WHAT IN THE WORLD DOES HE HAVE TO CELEBRATE ABOUT??  The Browns are out of the playoffs,,, his season was a maybe he is just celebrating that the season is coming to a close.  You notice I did not refer to Manziel as Johnny "Football" in this writing??  No need to do that when there is nothing about this over hyped, overrated individual that resembles anything to do with football.  Good Luck Cleveland!!!!! You guys drafted a gem.


RBosenR 13 said...

If the new guy at my place of work pulled his crap, and disrupted the organization the way he has, they'd be fired on the spot, infront of the rest of the employees.

EagleOPS_1 said...

Manzel couldn't make the cut on my college girls soccer team. His talent comes from what his agent tells the news about him