Sunday, December 21, 2014


Johnny "Football" Manziel pleaded with the Cleveland Browns to draft him and together they will "wreck" the NFL.  Well Johnny was drafted by Cleveland, but so far after 2 starts, Manziel has not posted a win.  To makes matters worse, Manziel has not done anything to resemble a NFL quarterback.  Last week Manziel was 10 for 18 for 80 yards and 2 interceptions.  Today he was 3 for 8 for 32 yards.  To his credit, Johnny had no interceptions so maybe his "fans" might look at today as an improvement.  Manziel left the game near the end of the first half with what is described as a hamstring injury.  Maybe it was his ego that got hurt again.
Brian Hoyer may not be the answer to Cleveland's future, but by far he was more qualified to handle the QB duties over Manziel.  Maybe if Hoyer had "Football" as part of his name or promised to wreck the NFL, he never would have been benched.  Just another chapter to the sad story of Cleveland Brown's football.

The way San Francisco blew their game with San Diego yesterday, I can't help but wonder how many 49'er fans are hoping Harbaugh picks up and leaves to go just anywhere.

On August 31, San Francisco, defensive lineman, Ray McDonald was accused of domestic violence against his girlfriend.  The 49'ers decided to let him play by stating that the would let due process take its course.  Officials decided not to prosecute so Ray was a worry free man again.  Now we have McDonald being investigated for sexual assault, but this time the 49'ers quickly released him.  I have to wonder what happened to their due process way of thinking this time.  Maybe back on August 31, Ray was considered to be a valuable asset to the team as the new season was about to begin, but now since the team is going nowhere, McDonald is nothing more than a liability.  Is this possible???   I will leave that up to what you think.


Azinger3X3 said...

Yaa and Cleveland has yet to wake up from their fantasy thinking Manziel is pro football material

Narnia_henchman said...

I never liked the 49ers decision to get Harbaugh to begin with and with a change of coach I think they could be better

VoiceofBrienJ said...

maybe someone misinterpreted Manzeil and what he really said was "if I get picked by the Browns i'm going to wreck myself"...maybe he didn't want to play for them afterall

Taggert_mvp77 said...

MANZEL should stick to the sidelines;; he plays well ovre there