Monday, December 29, 2014


Last week during the Detroit/Chicago game, Detroit center, Dominic Raiola was seen stepping on the ankle of Chicago lineman, Ego Ferguson.  Raiola claimed that it was accidental but the league saw otherwise and suspended him for their game against Green Bay.  In yesterdays game, it became apparent that Detroit's, Ndamukong Suh picked up where Raiola left off by stepping on Green Bay QB, Aaron Rodgers ankle, not once but twice during the same play.  Video shows Rodgers trying to push Suh off of his ankle and then laying on the field in obvious pain.  The question is out there if these incidents were intentional or accidental.
Despite the league ruling that Raiola's act was intent, I honestly can't say for sure.  When it comes to the question regarding, Suh, I have no doubt that he was trying to cause injury.  Suh has been involved in trying to purposely injure players in the past so this is nothing new for him.  Suh needs to be suspended for at least a year, if not for good.  The NFL does not need players like him.  One can only hope that the act of stepping on opponents ankles is not something that is taught during the Lions weekly practices.


Mr10Gallonhat said...

No doubt there will be more serious fines coming for Suh

bflagger3899 said...

Suh exhibits actions that are more like a criminal than a football player. he should try out for jail

EricMecca10 said...

As a professional franchise Detroit should take responsibility and suspend Suh. They are just as bad as he is for doing nothing