Friday, December 12, 2014


college football coaches on a merry go round

Next season several football coaches will see if the grass is truly greener on the other side.  It is not unusual for changes in the coaching ranks to take place, but one firing has lead to somewhat of a snowball effect.  It all started with the firing of Nebraska head coach, Bo Pelini.  Pelini compiled an eight year record of 67-27 during his time at Nebraska, but apparently was not good enough to keep his job.  I would imagine a lack of alumni support had something to do with his dismissal.  Nebraska wasted little time in announcing their next coach would be former Oregon State head coach, Mike Riley,  In 14 seasons at Oregon State, Riley compiled a record of 93-80.  His record is not up to what Pelini has posted but everyone says Mike is a nice guy so that must amount to something.  With little time gone by, Oregon State had Riley's replacement with the hiring of former Wisconsin head coach, Gary Anderson.  This came as some surprise since Anderson's 2 years at Wisconsin have been very successful in winning 19 games to only 7 losses.  Before going to Wisconsin however, Anderson had a 39-35 record while head coach at Utah State.  So far we have one firing and 2 job changes, but we still need a new coach for Wisconsin.  That opening has been quickly filled with the hiring of former Pitt head coach, Paul Chryst.  Chryst is a former player and also was an assistant coach at Wisconsin, so his strong ties to the school made him a good candidate despite only compiling a 19-19 record during his 3 years at the University Of Pittsburgh.  If you look at the overall records of all 4 of these coaches, it is interesting to note that the coach with the best record is the one who got fired.  Maybe Pitt should hire Belini to complete this merry go round cycle.  We cannot begin to speculate as to which school will come out ahead with all of these changes.  With everything considered, I would say it is a toss up, but then again we do not know what will happen to Belini.  Maybe he is the one that comes out ahead since he is leaving a job that he was not welcomed.

So what do you think?  Who comes out ahead in all of this? ? ?


Yates_Frederick J said...

About 5or6 years ago I thought all this coac h switching and coaches leaving was getting out of hand. Over the year s I came to the realization that you can't keep business s and money out of sports even at the ncaa level. Hopefully for the teams they will all benefit but if they don't they've proven there s another coac h aroun d the corner somewhere

3DboTagzz said...

Nebraska is a crazy-bag-of-nuts ! to get rid of #BoPelini. I dont know about OregonState or Wisconin but changing them is justifiable by there records. Paul Crhyst is just a given cause he's going back to his home. I think he coached in Wisc to

realTONKAman said...

the mixup of coaches mid season and at the end of the year is AMUSE-ing - the merry go round represents the mixups well

Seabass42 said...

Thats just the start. Theres usually around 8-10 by the end of the season. Im sure there will be others