Saturday, December 27, 2014


As the regular season is coming to a close, there are a few things  that come to mind.

SAN FRANCISCO.....49'ers are looking to part company with head coach, Jim Harbaugh.  We know Harbaugh has an enormous ego, can be controlling, and maybe his upbeat in your face attitude is wearing thin on his players.  Despite these unpleasant characteristics, he wins.  49'ers forced former winning coach, George Siefert out years ago and now it appears that the same is taking place with Harbaugh.  Ownership is questionable when they initially protected woman beater, Ray McDonald but are willing to let a winning coach go.  Things were much happier when Edward BeBartolo Jr owned the team.  Everyone loved everyone back then.  Shame Eddie went off to jail.

PITTSBURGH.....LeGarrette Blount was released by the Steelers and quickly picked up by the Patriots.

Blount was an adequate backup to Steeler RB, LeVeon Bell and appears to be a good fit so far in New England.  Problem for Blount was that the Steelers looked at him as being a bad influence on Bell off the field.

OVERPAID.....Salaries in professional sports are clearly out of hand.  Just picking out 2 examples, I have to wonder if the Baltimore Ravens with QB, Joe Flacco (120 million) and the Chicago Bears with Jay Cutler (54 million) feel they got their monies worth this season.

ROOKIE QB'S.....Blake Bortles and Teddy Bridgewater have done alright for themselves in their first NFL season.  Super media hype, Johnny Manziel did not fair as well.  This is surprising when Bortles and Bridgewater do not have the name "Football" attached to their names.

CLEVELAND BROWNS.....I would expect and  sincerely hope that QB, Brian Hoyer finds a new team next season.  After having the Browns in an unheard of position of being in contention with a playoff spot, Cleveland came up with the brilliant idea of benching him in favor of overrated, unproven, Johnny Manziel.  The result has been 2 straight losses but Cleveland fans should feel good about next season since their super star, Manziel has promised to work harder.

NY JETS.....Look for coach, Rex Ryan to be let go.  Another dismal season should put his job in jeopardy.
General Manager, John Idzik should join Ryan in the unemployment line.  The past few years, this franchise is clearly a mess.

CHICAGO BEARS.....Another franchise that is in complete disarray.  Jay Cutler is not having the best of seasons, but the blame cannot be totally put on him.  The Bears this season have been major underachievers and as a result, they are 5-10.  Under first year coach, Marc Trestman, their is no discipline, no leadership and really no direction.  Maybe former coach. Lovie Smith was not that bad after all.

COACH OF THE YEAR.....Bruce Arians.....And to think that the Steelers once claimed he retired from football

NFL OFFICIALS.....I sincerely think they are getting worse

That is all for now , but please feel free to share your thoughts on any sports related topics.

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