Thursday, December 18, 2014


Who would have thought that the firing of Nebraska coach. Bo Pelini would have set off a chain reaction to coaching changes??  Pelini hates Nebraska and Nebraska hates
 Belini so it only made sense to part company.  Then it all started..........................
Mike Riley goes from Oregon State to Nebraska.  Word is that he is a nice guy.
Gary Anderson goes from Wisconsin to Oregon State.  Happy to be going West
Paul Chryst goes from Pitt to Wisconsin... Pitt had to do something to top all of this so they fired their athletic director. Steve Pederson, who by the way was a former AD at Nebraska.  Chryst is ecstatic to be going home to Wisconsin and Pederson claims that he will always be a Pittsburgh supporter  (nice gesture)
Once bitter, Pelini is also going back home to coach at Division1-AA Youngstown State and claims he can't be happier. OK?

PITT.....Pitt's interim AD will be a fellow named. Randy Juhl who is currently the vice chancellor for research and compliance.  Not sure what he actually does and not sure how that qualifies him to handle athletics.  Maybe he can boost the football attendance or find a coach willing to stay awhile.  Time will tell.

MICHIGAN.....Reportedly, Michigan has offered, Jim Harbaugh 48 million to take their vacant head coaching job.  My thoughts are, if Harbaugh were to turn that offer down, then it means one of 2 things.
Either his enormous ego would not allow himself to step down from the ranks of the NFL to the college level  or the Michigan program is a bigger mess than anyone thought.

WEST VIRGINIA.....2 changes have taken place this week concerning WVU.  Athletic Director, Oliver Luck is leaving to join the NCAA as the # 2 guy right behind my all time favorite person, Mark Emmert.(BIG TIME SARCASM).. Luck's job will have to do with reforming the NCAA in ways that have not been explained as yet.  We all know that the NCAA definitely needs reformed, so this announcement was a little encouraging.  That was until Luck made a statement that it was an honor for him to be working with Emmert.
If that is an honor, then Luck will accomplish little to nothing.  In other words, he will be joining the ranks of Emmert's other cronies. 
The other change comes from coaching.  Offensive coordinator, Shannon Dawson is leaving WVU to take on the same position at Kentucky.  Dawson was the QB coach and put together the weekly game plan, but on game day it was head coach, Dana Holgorsen who called all the plays.  After witnessing some of the plays Holgorsen would call, one can't blame Dawson for wanting to leave.  Dawson will have all of the play calling responsibilities at Kentucky under coach, Mark Stoops.

NORTH CAROLINA.....Every time I see North Carolina basketball on TV, I can't help but wonder what kind of classes these players are taking now that the scandalous, Afro-American courses are no longer available.  With all the publicity, I am sure this group of players actually take real courses.  While on the subject, do you think that coach, Roy Williams knew what was going on with the "fake" courses??  Of course he did!!!!

KENTUCKY.....With all of the so called all american basketball players Kentucky has this year, I would have to think that anything short of the national championship would be a disappointing season.  Only place to go is down when you are expected to win it all.  I will take a chance here and predict that the Wildcats will fall short of the national championship.

As always we welcome your thoughts on anything in sports.


Tenacious D3 said...

it was rumored that Randy Juhl played a sport in high school but nobody can confirm what sport it was

BWAUGH349 said...

Coach Pelini being happy at Youngstown State issss...doubtful! Although I see why he would act that way after being fired with a better than avg record

javajoe1 said...

There will be more to come out of the north carolina / roy williams thing, i wouldn't be surprised if more was covered up

The Brama Bull said...

I HOPE the Wildcats falls short of being national champions. They always get the top recruits becaus they probaly give there players cars

Kevmacro_0101 said...

what the F!@! is Nebraska expecting from their next coach ? ? To win a national championship ?? I don't think he'll do as well as Pelini did

original RY guy said...

Harbaugh should stick to NFL and stay in SF. I can't see him in the college environment

10CTitansFAN said...

from the looks of things Kentucky is too strong. I'm no fan of them winning a championship but nobody has come close to matching them. I guess we'll have to see how their season plays out