Thursday, November 20, 2014


2 teams that have been somewhat of a surprise this year square off tonight as Duke will play host to in state rival, North Carolina.  We say surprise due to the fact that if this game was being played back in September and was being based on early season ratings, we would have this game tonight rated as dead even.  As a result of how these  teams have performed this year, we now have Duke winning tonight;s game  by 8 to 10 points.  For those who have an interest in odds on the game, Las Vegas has Duke rated as a 6 point favorite.
North Carolina can score but their defense does not stop many teams.  Duke will be looking to bounce back from last weeks disappointing loss to Virginia Tech, 17-16.  Enjoy the game and let us know which team you fell will show up.


KreggorB2K said...

Let the bball rivalries begin. I think duke got this one but we'll see

Cpt.Obvious said...

I'm not sure if the Duke rally to win or those wacked-out locker room antics of Dukes coach were more fun to watch