Thursday, November 20, 2014


2 days after the Pittsburgh Steelers kicked RB LeGarrette Blount off the team, the New England Patriots have come to his rescue for a reported contract worth 2.35 million.  Many Steelers were outspoken and stated that they were glad to see Blount go, as they termed him to be a distraction to the team.  One has to question what interest New England would have in Blount since they have a quality RB in Jonas Gray and an adequate backup in Shane Vereen,    If Blount was unhappy as a # 2 RB in Pittsburgh, it is kind of hard  to picture him as a # 2 or even a # 3 RB in New England.  Ironic that Blount signed with Pittsburgh this year after he was released by none other than New England.  Maybe as part of the deal, Bill Belichick had Blount bring along the Steeler playbook just in case he may need it down the road.  Your guess is as good as mine
when it comes to what New England and Belichick might do.

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D_Boden888 said...

he'll most likely take whats given to him at this point. going from over 3 mil to nothin can be a bit of a wake up