Monday, November 17, 2014


.....The NCAA has to be one of the most corrupt organizations in this country.  Truly not hard to believe however when you consider who their leader is.  Mark Emmert and his cronies need to be disbanded once and for all.

.....Another tough football player has emerged on the scene.  Michigan DE, Frank Clark was arrested for domestic violence for smacking around his 20 year old girlfriend in a Sandusky, Ohio motel room.  He has since been dismissed from the team.  With all the publicity of late about football and domestic violence, one would think an intelligent individual would refrain from being a part of that.  It appears the word intelligent may not apply to Clark.

.....Notre Dame coach, Brian Kelly needs some help in adding.  Going for a meaningless 2 point conversion instead of the traditional kick cost his team the game against Northwestern.  A 43-40 loss should have been a 41-37 win.  Still have not heard how Kelly explains his mental lapse or maybe he has not found anyone he can blame it on yet.

Sorry to see Georgia RB, Todd Gurley go down with a season ending injury.  We had him on our list as a legitimate Heisman candidate.

.....We have narrowed our Heisman list down to 2 players.  Oregon QB. Marcus Mariota and Wisconsin RB, Melvin Gordon.  Congrats to Gordon on his 400 plus yards rushing this week against Nebraska.

.....All the experts have been offering their final 4 playoff teams.  Still a lot can happen and most likely it will but for now our final 4 teams are as follows.
1.   Oregon
2.   Alabama
3.   Florida State
4.   Baylor

As always I welcome any thoughts on these topics or anything else you may want to share.


Allen_Crump said...

I blames the courts system. Sandusky should've been locked away for his actions//!

greatwhitehype79 said...

what planet have u been living on?? he was locked away. try & keep up.

Nuffsaid J20 said...

With Gurley out the Bulldogs won't stay a float

Endzone_dancer#1 said...

I got the seminoles and ducks as my top 2. Yee old Spartans are holding their own ground too which could be interesting

thegladiator said...

Oregon has a shot even though everyone in the world of sports is backing Alabama

DereXL310 said...

It would be good if the ducks won everything just to quiet the world of sports reporters who are picking the seminoles or the crimson tide

10Dimez_Kapper said...

Frank Clark was merely trying to prove that he doesn't get thrown around Everywhere he goes, despite getting laid out all over the football field he is actually tough enough to stand up to a girl that's less than half his size. Way to show the people Frank.