Friday, November 21, 2014


I have viewed many NCAA Division I  football games this season, either in person or by TV coverage.  This season has been no different than any other when it comes to questionable calls.  I will admit that officiating any sport is not an easy task, but some calls  I have seen were just plain bad or inexcusable.  In some instances, it was almost apparent that if a team's win was more meaningful for national recognition, that team might be inclined to receive a more favorable call if the call could go either way.  I am not stating that anything inappropriate is taking place, but only there have been times to make a viewer wonder how any official can make a particular call.  I am only rating the officials from the top 5 major conferences, since these are the games that receive the most exposure.  Our ratings are starting from the worst conference officials at # 1 down to the least worse at # 5.

1.   Big 12
2.   Big 10
3.   Southeast Conference
4.   Atlantic Coast
5.   PAC 12

Maybe you have a  particular choice you feel should be in the not so enviable # 1 worst position, so feel free to share your thoughts or opinion.  


doscur09 said...

U got a biggie sized BIG 10 vote from me. they may as well let the cheerleaders 4 each team officiate

BestofBill3.0 said...

The amplitude of bad calls for the Big10, Big12, and the WAC are more than all the other conferences had in a decade. the review process needs to be expanded