Wednesday, November 5, 2014


It was not that long ago that we saw the tears flowing from the eyes of Brian Kelly over his team's loss to Florida State after getting caught for an illegal pick to negate a late scoring TD.  Notre Dame used the same illegal pick earlier in the game that was not caught so I can see where Kelly would figure it was a good idea to try it again.  No such luck the second time around and truly it is sad to see a grown man cry when he does not get his way.   Now Kelly has found something else to cry about.  He made a reference to some schools getting "byes" so late in the season and he was not referring to no game scheduled, but teams playing against what we refer to as Division 2 schools.  He did not name the teams in question but it is not hard to imagine that he was referring to Mississippi and Mississippi State, who play Presbyterian and Tennessee Martin  respectively this week.  I have always stated that these games should not be part of a Division 1  schedule and if they are, then should not be counted to get the magical 6 wins that makes teams bowl eligible.  That being said, I don't see any difference if these games are played early in the season or late or even both.  It is amazing to me that Brian Kelly has such a major concern over what teams these schools are playing.  Maybe it is because his team is on the outside looking in to the teams that may be playing for the national championship.  Sorry Brian, Notre Dame will not be in the top 4.  Even though I agree that "cake" games should not be played, the schools that has Kelly upset have played enough quality opponents from within the Southeast Conference.  Out of the 5 major conferences, Notre Dame joined the ACC, which is the weakest of the 5.  They have played one top 25 team and lost, so if you look at Notre Dame's overall schedule, it certainly has not been overbearing.  So I have to wonder what is it that has Kelly crying over other teams schedules?   Maybe he is just uneasy that Arizona State might be too much for his Irish team this week.  Maybe he is just jealous that his team is not one of the top 4.   Or maybe it is just Brian Kelly being Brian Kelly and needing to cry about something.  I will let you decide.


88Lugerbrahms said...

another week, another complaint from ND/Coach Kelly...what else is new? they should tell him to spend more of his time practicing

FINCH said...

ND Crying Irish yup! yup!

brando4_geist4 said...

Notre dame isn't only about "playing" sports. They bring in all sorts of ideas to give them the best advantages like reworking schedules to play easy opponents, aligning home games when they want them to be at home, getting specific weeks off, not playing in a conf., AND the LIST GOES ON