Saturday, November 29, 2014


The NCAA and the NFL are 2 major million dollar operations, but yet their leadership is poor at best.  I have been saying for some time that Emmert needed to go from his position as head of the NCAA and now I am adding  NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell as another that should be gone.  Former Raven RB. Ray Rice has been reinstated back to playing in the NFL after an arbitrary judge ruled that Goodell lied about his knowledge in Rice's case dealing with domestic abuse.  By now everyone knows about Rice punching and knocking out his then fiance in an Atlantic City casino.  The act was caught on camera and caused a public outrage that led to Rice's suspension from the NFL and released by the Baltimore Ravens.  Goodell claimed early on that he never saw the tape and in his meeting with Rice concerning the act, Rice was less than truthful with him.  It turns out that it was Goodell who lied about about these claims.

All anyone needs to do is follow Mark Emmert's past at University of Connecticut and LSU and its easy to see some of the shady dealings this man has been involved in.  Under the leadership of this man, the NCAA has been sued numerous times, past and present.  Their dealings with the University of Miami, USC, and recently Penn State are just a few examples of their blatant misuse of power and underhanded manipulation.   Just recently it was discovered that Emmert and the NCAA had no jurisdiction to hit Penn State with severe penalties involving the Jerry Sandusky scandal and used a so called "bluff" to get the university to accept their sanctions.  Imagine "bluffing" one of your own member schools.   In addition it turns out that Emmert and the NCAA were working close at hand with so called independent investigator, Louis Freeh, even to the point of telling him who to interview and what questions to ask.  This sounds similar to what they did in having an attorney ask his witness certain questions in a trial involving a booster of the University of Miami since the NCAA did not have the power to do so for themselves.

Emmert and Goodell are supposed to be men with integrity, but all we get from these two are lies and underhanded dealings.  When you are the leaders of organizations involving many professional and amateur athletes, trust would be a very important characteristic to have.  Based on their questionable performances, neither of these men can be trusted and quite simply need to resign of be fired.


FreeSportsNebraska said...

I never thought much of either of them until more stories came out about their histories. Ever since that time I am convinced that both the ncaa and nfl will not get better until they are both gone

GardoxMGMT said...

Those clowns would work well together. I will offer my management services if they agree to form a group together and take there act on the road

no1fanrantz said...

would that act be called "Even Clowns can be Presidents"??

nfl-embargo-2014 said...

Theres no set order to Goodells or the NFLs punishments. they don't have set policies and rules for certain violations so they make them up as they go. It is complete inconsistency