Saturday, November 1, 2014


Auburn wide receiver Sammie Coates
Auburn receiver Sammie Coates
Kenzie Ray is an avid 12 year old fan  of the Auburn Tigers.  She is also a big fan of wide receiver, Sammie Coates.  Sammie first met young Kenzie in 2013 when a family friend invited her to the Auburn/Mississippi State game and to meet offensive tackle,Shon Coleman, who was a cancer survivor.  Sad to say, Kensie is fighting leukemia.  Sammie did not know the little girl or anything about her until he met her that day.  They have formed a bond as close as any can possible be.  They are in contact every single day and Sammie has been an inspiration to this little girl to keep on fighting to survive the deadly disease.  Coates will tell you that Kenzie has been an inspiration to him as well, when you see how much this little girl has gone through and continues to not give up the fight.  Bone marrow transplants, chemotherapy are enough to take its toll on anyone but with Sammie's help, this girl will never give up the fight.  Last weekend when Auburn had an off week from playing. the team was given Friday and Saturday off.  While some took the time to stay on campus or go home, Sammie Coates drove the 2 plus hours to Children's Hospital in Birmingham to be with Kenzie.  ESPN Gameday did a report on this relationship and it is well worth watching the video.  So much of the news and things we have discussed here about athletes has not been on a positive note so it is truly heartwarming to hear about one of this nature.  Sammie Coates is a man of compassion on and off the field with a big heart second to none.  Sammie and young Kenzie Ray can be an inspiration to all of us.


jeffallmighty1 said...

Stories like these often get overshadowed by all the bad and ugly stuff. Its a nice change of pace when you see something like this

nemesis2015 said...

This guy is for real. I saw an INsider documentary on him last year and he's an all-around great guy

Don R said...

You are an inspiration to all who have had the privilege to hear about you reaching out to those in need. God bless