Sunday, October 26, 2014


gift box from Big Ten officials to Ohio State
ABC televised the Penn State - Ohio State football game last night but there was something that viewers did not see.  Upon arriving at the visitors locker room, the Buckeyes were greeted with a neatly wrapped package with a big red bow tied around it.  Red was for the scarlet red of Ohio State.  Inside the box was a gift certificate, compliments of Big Ten officials, that said the team was entitled to one game of their choice to where all or important calls during the game will go in your favor.  Ohio State immediately chose the game about to be played.  We will take a look at some points of the game to see if their gift paid off.

Ohio State player drops football during game against Penn State
Ohio State appeared to intercept a Penn State pass, but while ABC showed the replay, there was no doubt that the ball had hit the ground.  They brought in their expert analyst and he totally agreed that the play was coming back.  To the shock of everyone, the play was upheld after review.  Later in the game. they announced that the review guys in New York received the wrong feed and made the wrong judgment.  Nice to hear but it was much too late since Ohio State went in to  score their first TD.

Next came the Ohio State field goal attempt.  The game clock was running down....3..2..1..0 and then you could have counted another 1..2.. 3  before the ball was kicked.  No delay of game.  Kick was good   10-0 was the score.

Very late in the game  Penn State had one time out left and was moving the ball to try to tie or even win the game.  There was a penalty and according to the rules as we know them, the clock is stopped and not started until the ball is snapped on the next play.  Play clock starts but game clock does not.  Well not to these officials, as the clock was running.   Penn State coach, James Franklin was running after the official, pointing to his wristwatch, trying to tell the official that the clock should not be running.  Well Franklin got his wish as the official signaled for the clock to stop.  Only problem was that the official claimed that Franklin was calling time out.  Out of time outs now, Penn State had to settle for a game tying FG.

Okay, my lead in paragraph contained sarcasm and yes was not true.  However the description of the lame, inept officials was totally true.  The Big Ten Conference desperately wants a team to represent them in the playoff picture.  No one will ever know for sure, but one could look at this game and feel the word was out way Penn State is allowed to win this game.  I believe that teams get calls in their favor and in the course of the season get calls against them, so more or less they even out.  If that is true, then I would advise Ohio State to be extra careful.  They have used up their allotment for favorable calls.


BlakeMac_348 said...

I never seen anything like that. There was more bad calls in that game than I seen this entire college football season

jaison dv2012 said...

I don't follow many Big10 games because I went to school and live on the west coast but I got to see this one. If this is how normal Big10 games are officiated then I feel sorry for the teams that have already been picked to lose by the Big10 or the officials. (that's the only explanation for what I witnessed in this game)

Russroll11's said...

I only caught it in 2nnd half but from what I saw they wouldnt be qualified to officiate the calling of numbers at bingo night

OSUBuck29 said...

Hey people....No need to hate THEEE Ohio State

Ohio State Sucks said...

Oh there's plenty of reason to hate. 1st of all Ohio State Sucks. 2nd) Nobody is trying to copy the Ohio State name, therefore; there's no need to differentiate it by putting an emphatic "THE" in front. Its not like people are thinking that you might be the other "Ohio State" university who wears the same colors and has the same goofy mascot. And if you say you do it to separate from OHIO U, trust me, people know the difference between them and you tree seeds.
Thank u.

markthomson said...
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markthomson said...

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